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Boletus carminipes

Boletus carminipes

Common Name: Butter-foot Bolete


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood forests

Spore Color: Olive-brown

Pore Surface: Yellow 


The cap of this mushroom starts off reddish at first, but will become yellow-brown and cracked with age. The context of the cap is pale yellow and will quickly bruise blue. The pores are yellow, but also quickly bruise blue if touched. 

The stem is enlarged downward and lacks reticulation. It is yellow on the upper portion, and "carmine red" on the lower portion. It will retain these colors as it dries. 

Chemical Reactions:

Cap - KOH: dark yellow-brown
Context - KOH on blued areas: pale ochraceous tan; FeSO4: slowly bluish 


Boletus bicolor has a bright red cap and a context that slowly bruises blue. Boletus pseudosensibilis has a yellow stem with only small amounts of red coloring. 


Boletus carminipes

This one took a beating.

Boletus carminipes

Boletus carminipes

9/11/12 - Hoosier National Forest - Deam Wilderness - Monroe County, IN