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Boletus auripes

Boletus auripes

Common Name: Butter-foot Bolete


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood and mixed woods

Spore Color: Yellow-brown

Pore Surface: Yellow 


The first thing you are likely to notice with this Bolete is the beautiful contrast between the strong brown tones to the cap, and the vibrant yellows to the stem and pores. Next look to the stalk for reticulation (netting).  If the mushroom does not bruise any colors, then you should have your id.


Retiboletus ornatipes has yellow tones to the cap. Leccinum subglabripes and Boletus hortonii have similar colors, but no reticulation.


Boletus auripes

Boletus auripes

9/11/12 - Hoosier National Forest - Deam Wilderness - Monroe County, IN