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Boletellus russellii

Boletellus russellii

Common Name: Russell's Bolete

Synonyms: Boletus russellii

Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood and mixed forests

Spore Color: Olive Brown

Pore Surface: Yellowish to greenish-yellow


This is one of the most recognizable boletes because of the very prominent reticulation on the stem. It has a long, thin stem with a small cap. The cap has a reddish-brown to yellowish-brown coloration.


Heimioporus betula has a similar stature and reticulation, but has a slimy cap when wet, shiny cap when dry. Boletus frostii has deep reticulation, but a red cap.


Boletus russellii

9/11/12 - Hoosier National Forest - Deam Wilderness - Monroe County, IN