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Limacella kauffmanii

Limacella kauffmanii

Common Name: Kauffman's Slimy Stem


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: White to Pale Yellowish


This mushroom will not appear like most Amanitas that you find. Really the only way to place it there is the terrestrial growth, free gills, and white spores. What makes mushrooms in this genus so unique and special to find are the thick gelatinous layer of slime that is found on the caps when they are young.  The species in this genus are thought to be a distant relative that the modern Amanitas evolved from.

With this species, not only is the cap slimy, but the stem should be slimy as well, especially when young. The slime layer is so thick that it even forms a partial veil of slime as the mushroom is opening. The final key feature to identifying this mushroom is the golden brown to dull yellow cap. .


Limacella glischra has red-brown tones to the cap. Waxy cap mushrooms in Hygrophorus are similar, but they have waxy gills that are attached to the stem.


Limacella kauffmanii

Limacella kauffmanii

Limacella kauffmanii

9/8/12 - Matter Park - Marion, IN