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Amanita sp-S04

Amanita sp-S04

Common Name: None


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: White


This species is very similar to Amanita elliptosperma, except it has narrower spores. You will not be able to separate the two species without a microscope. It is possible that this is just a variant, but Rod Tulloss at has put it at the species level. One other character to look for is the smell. Should be "chloride of lime."

The best way to separate Amanita bisporigera from Amanita elliptosperma and this species is to put a drop of KOH on the surface of the cap. If it turns yellow, then you likely have A. bisporigera. If it does not, then you have one of the other species. 

Some of my notes from this species:


Spore measurements from specimen in second picture.

[28,1,1] (8.4) 8.5 – 10.7 (10.9) x (5.1) 5.3 – 6.4 (6.6)
Q = 1.47 – 1.75
L’ = 9.5
W’ = 5.9
Q’ = 1.60

Ive never smelled chloride of lime, but I do get a small whiff of chlorine.

Yellowing of stem from handling.

No reaction to KOH.

Specimen in the second picture:
Cap – 8cm wide
Stem – Just over 13cm from gills.

From the base, the veil runs 9cm to its highest point.

In first picture:

Caps about 4-5 cm.
Both contain the chlorine-ish smell.



Amanita bisporigera and A. elliptosperma. See comments above.


Amanita sp-S04

Amanita sp-S04

9/26/12 - Deam Wilderness - Hoosier National Forest - Monroe County, IN