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Amanita brunnescens

Amanita brunnescens

Common Name: Cleft-foot Amanita


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: White 


Free white gills, bulbuous base, and a ring around the stem. These lead you towards Amanita. Next look for the brownish to whitish cap. The final characters you can use to confirm your ID are the red discolorations on the stem, as well as the base that looks like it has split open on one side. This cleft is usually there and is where the mushroom gets its common name.


Amanita submaculata is very similar but does not have a cleft bulb at the base and it has a fruity smell.


Amanita brunnescens

Amanita brunnescens

7/30/10 - Hoosier National Forest - Monroe County, IN