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Agaricus silvicola

Agaricus silvicola

Common Name: None

Synonyms: None

Substrate: Ground

Location: Forests

Spore Color: Brown

Gill Color: Whitish or pinkish when young, becoming brown with age. 

Time of Year: Late Summer to Early Fall


One of several white Agaricus species that can be found in our hardwood forests. Smooth white cap that is lacking brown granules. The cap also often has a wide nipple on the top.  Rubbing the base of the stem should produce a yellowing reaction. 


Agaricus placomyces and Agaricus pocillator are similar, except both have brown fibers on the surface of the cap. Particularly in the center. Agaricus abruptibulbus will have a bulb at the base. Agaricus arvensis will be found in pasteures.


Agaricus silvicola

9/22/11 - Griffy Woods - Bloomington, IN