Agaricus pocillator

Common Name: Unknown

Synonyms: None

Substrate: Ground

Location: Forests

Spore Color: Brown

Gill Color: Pink when young, becoming brown with age. 

Time of Year: Summer to early fall


Usually found in hardwood forests. Look for the proper gill color and a membranous ring on the stem to confirm Agaricus, and then look for a bulb at the base of the stem.  This mushroom is usually only seen in forests. 


Agaricus placomyces. These two mushrooms are very similar, but there are several characteristics you can use to tell them apart in the field. A. pocillator has a bulb at the base of the stem, as well as less scales on the cap. A. placomyces will usually have a much darker brown center to the cap, as well as more brownish fibers radiating outward.  Agaricus silvicola can also be found in a woodland habitat, but it is lacking any brown fibers on the surface of the cap. It has a smooth white surface.


Agaricus pocillator

Agaricus pocillator

8/25/12 - Raccoon Lake SRA - Rockville, IN

Agaricus pocillator

9/27/11 - Morgan Monroe State Forest - Martinsville, IN

Agaricus pocillator

9/15/12 - McCormicks Creek SP - Spencer, IN

Agaricus pocillator

9/28/11 - Paynetown SRA - Bloomington, IN

Agaricus pocillator

9/4/12 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN

Agaricus pocillator

Agaricus pocillator

8/23/12 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN


Other Sightings:

8/25/12 - Shades State Park - Rockville, IN