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Agaricus campestris

Agaricus campestris

Common Name: Field Mushroom


Substrate: Ground

Location: Fields, yards, grass

Spore Color: Brown

Gill Color: Whitish or pinkish when young, becoming brown with age. 

Time of Year: Fall


A common mushroom that is likely to appear in lawns the day after a rainfall. It is a very close relative to the White Button and Portabello mushrooms that are commonly found in grocery stores. This mushroom has a cap surface that can range from smooth to slightly scaly. The surface of the cap will often be a mixture of white and pink (possibly some brown with age), with gills that range from pink to chocolate brown as the mushroom matures. There is a ring on the stem of the mushroom when it is young, but it will often be lost with age. The stem will not turn yellow when rubbed.


One of the most frequently encountered look-alikes to this mushroom is Leucoagaricus naucinus. Formerly Lepiota naucina. Both can appear in grass soon after a rainfall. The key character to look at to differentiate the two is gill color. Agaricus campestris has pink or brown gills. Leucoagaricus naucinus has white gills. Agaricus pocillator and A. placomyces are more commonly found in woodlands, not lawns. Other species of Agaricus bruise yellow on the stem.


Agaricus campestris

9/1/12 - Paynetown SRA - Bloomington, IN

Agaricus campestris in a field

Slightly browner than normal.

9/26/12 - Bryan Park - Bloomington, IN 

Agaricus campestris in a field

Slightly Scaly Surface. Pink bruising around outer edge. Ring on younger specimen.

9/19/12Indiana University Campus - 10th St. Arboretum - Bloomington, IN 

Agaricus campestris in a field

9/19/11 - Indiana University Campus - 10th St. Arboretum - Bloomington, IN

Agaricus campestris

9/8/12 - Avondale Neighborhood - Marion, IN