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Agaricus is the genus of that contains the common White Button and Portabello grocery store mushrooms. Those mushrooms are closely related to Agaricus campestris found below. This genus is defined by free gills that often start pink and turn brown, a chocolate brown spore print, and a ring on the stem.

These mushrooms are primarily found on the ground - in lawns or in forests - and grow by decomposing dead organic material. There are many edible varieties, although some are considered poisonous. Avoid the ones whose flesh bruises yellow or red.



Agaricus campestris thumbnail

Agaricus campestris

Agaricus pattersonae thumbnail

Agaricus pattersonae


Agaricus placomyces thumbnail

Agaricus placomyces



Agaricus pocillator thumbnail

Agaricus pocillator


Agaricus silvicola thumbnail

Agaricus silvicola