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Xeromphalina tenuipes

Xeromphalina tenuipes


Common Name: Cross Veined Mushroom

Synonyms: Species Fungorum

Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White to Light Yellowish

Gill Color: Yellowish


The first thing to notice, other than that this mushroom is growing on wood, is the color of the cap. It is often a reddish brown, which contrasts with the yellowish gills on the underside. Upon closer inspection, there are a couple of other features to look for. The stem of this mushrooms is covered with lots of small hairs that give it a slightly velvety feel. Secondly, if you look through the gills, to where the gills connect to the context of the cap, you should be able to see crossveins running between the gills.



Xeromphalina tenuipes

Xeromphalina tenuipes

4/17/12 - Griffy Reservoir - Bloomington, IN

Xeromphalina tenuipes

Xeromphalina tenuipes

Look closely between the gills for the crossveins. Makes for an easy ID.

5/24/13 - Winslow Woods - Bloomington, IN

Xeromphalina tenuipes

Sometimes growing solitary from woodchips.

4/26/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN