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Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

Common Name: Decorated Mop

Synonyms: Clitocybe decora

Substrate: Wood

Location: Conifer Forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: Yellowish


This mushroom typically grows in clusters on the wood of conifers. It should have a yellowish-orange cap with brown fibers, at least over the center.

Not poisonous but should be avoided because of poisonous lookalikes.


Tricholomopsis rutilans has a reddish purple color to the cap when young. Tricholomopsis sulfureoides lacks colored fibrers on the cap. Gymopilus species are similar, but most have a ring on the stem, a bitter taste, and rusty brown spore print. They are considered poisonous. Some species of the deadly poisonous Galerinas can also appear similar.


Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

5/8/12 - Griffy Woods - Bloomington, IN