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Lentinellus micheneri

Lentinellus micheneri

Common Name: Dark Stemmed Sawtooth

Synonyms: Lentinellus omphalodes

Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: Whitish


The first thing I usually notice, other than the fact it is growing on wood, is the hygrophanous cap. This means the cap tends to change colors in the areas where it has begun to dry out. Flip it over and you will get a couple more idenifying characteristics. The first is that the gills are heavily serrated. The edges look like the blades of a saw. The stem should be red-brown at the top and wood brown at the base. Finally, you should look for a stem that is not fused to the stem of any other mushrooms and you have your ID. This mushroom tends to be somewhat common at the right time of the year in Indiana.



Lentinellus micheneri

9/27/11 - Morgan Monroe State Forest - Martinsville, IN

Lentinellus micheneri

8/26/12 - Summit Lake State Park - New Castle, IN

Lentinellus micheneri

Lentinellus micheneri

10/20/11 - RCA Park - Bloomington, IN