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Common Edible Wild Mushrooms

Common Edible Wild Mushrooms

This page lists common edible species. We are not offering these pages as a way to finalize your ID for edibles to eat, but as a starting point resource to narrow down your identification. Most mushrooms have look-alikes that can be hazardous when consumed, so we cannot be held responsible for misidentifications or allergenic reactions when eating wild mushrooms. We can not be held responsible for an ID finalized from these pages, so do not use them as your primary resource.

Also keep in mind that mushrooms react differently for different people. Even one individual trying wild mushrooms may eat a species once with no ill effects, and have stomach upset the next time they try it. Always eat a small amount of wild mushrooms at first, to see if there will be any negative symptoms with your unique physiology. Eating wild mushrooms can be dangerous if done casually, and without the proper research. Always remember the mushroomers motto: "When in doubt, throw it out."

Finally, these species are most common east of the Mississippi, primarily in the Midwest. If you are on the West Coast, this may not be your best resource for edible species. 


Most commonly sought edibles:

The Field Mushroom
Agaricus campestris 
Caesar Mushrooms
Amanita jacksonii  
Honey Mushrooms
Armillaria mellea

Ringless Honey Mushrooms
Armillaria tabescens 

Wood Ears
Auricularia auricula 
Giant Puffballs
Calvatia gigantea 
Common Chanterelle
Cantharellus cibarius
Smooth Chanterelle
Cantharellus lateritius  
Clitocybe nuda 
Shaggy Manes
Coprinus comatus 
Black Trumpets
Craterellus cornucopiodes 
Flammulina velutipes 
Ganoderma lucidum 
Hen of the Woods
Grifola frondosa 
Lions Mane
Hericium corraloides 
Lions Mane
Hericium erinaceus 
Brick Tops
Hypholoma sublateritium
Lobster Mushrooms
Hypomyces lactifluorum 
Indigo Milky
Lactarius indigo 
Chicken of the Woods
Laetiporus cincinnatus 
Chicken of the Woods
Laetiporus sulphereus 
Pear Shaped Puffball
Lycoperdon pyriforme 
The Parasol
Macrolepiota procera 
Black Morels
Morchella angusticeps 
Morchella diminutiva 
Yellow Morels
Morchella esculentoides 
Half Free Morels
Morchella punctipes 
Pleurotus ostreatus 
Summer Oysters
Pleurotus pulmonarius 
Dryad's Saddle
Polyporus squamosus 
Cauliflower Mushrooms
Sparassis crispa
Cauliflower Mushrooms
Sparassis spathulata
Old Man of the Woods
Strobilomyces sp. 
Black Velvet Bolete
Tylopilus alboater 
Hedgehog Mushrooms
Hydnum repandum 
Aborted Entoloma
Entoloma abortivum 

Other edibles:

For the purposes of this section, edible simply means not poisonous for most people. Most of these are not choice edibles that people will seek out for food. Be very careful when considering eating these species, because most of them have poisonous lookalikes that can harm you if consumed.


Agrocybe molesta Amanita rubescens Ampulloclitocybe clavipes
Artomyces pyxidatus Austroboletus betula Boletellus russellii
Boletus auripes Boletus badius Boletus bicolor
Boletus frostii Boletus griseus Boletus illudens
Boletus innixus Boletus ornatipes Boletus pallidus
Boletus subglabripes Bondarzewia berkeleyi Calvatia cyathiformis
Cantharellus appalachiensis Cantharellus cinnabarinus Cantharellus minor
Clitocybe gibba Clitopilus prunnulus Coprinellus micaceus
Entoloma abortivum Gyroporus castaneus Hygrocybe flavescens
Hygrophorus russula Laccaria ochropurpurea Lactarius camphoratus
Lactarius chelidonium 
var. chelidonioides
Lactarius deliciosus Lactarius luteolus
Lactarius volemus Leccinum albellum Leccinum rugosiceps
Leucoagaricus americanus Lycoperdon perlatum Marasmius oreades
Megacollybia rodmanii Meripilus giganteus Phylloporus leucomycelinus
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus Pleurotus dryinus Pluteus cervinus
Pluteus longistriatus Polyporus umbellatus Psathyrella delineata
Psathyrella velutina Russula parvovirescens Russula xeromphalina
Sarcodon imbricatus Suillus americanus Suillus granulatus
Tricholoma portentosum Xanthoconium separans Xerula furfuracea
Xerula megalospora