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Hunting Morel Mushrooms

Hunting Morel Mushrooms

Morel Progression Map


Morel Progression Map 2013


Morels - Morchella esculentoides

Where to Find Morels


Morel Mushroom Indicators

Precipitation Map     Temperature Map
Precipitation Map Soil Temperature Map



Morel Videos

Morel Mushroom Videos



Morel Mushroom Species:

Morchella esculentoides

Black Morel

Deliciosas - Morchella Deliciosa

Half Free Morel - Peckerheads - Morchella semilibera

Yellow Morels
Morchella esculentoides
(M. esculenta) 
Morchella cryptica
Black Morels—
Morchella angusticeps 
M. septentrionalis
(M. delisiosa)
Half Free
 Morchella punctipes
(M. semilibera)

Identify Trees by Bark

Ash tree bark   American Elm Bark

Ash Bark                      Elm Bark

Morels grow primarly by forming an association with the roots of trees. The best morel hunters are as much tree hunters as they are mushroom hunters. The tough part is that there are no leaves in the spring, meaning that you have to learn to identify trees by the bark. Check out this site for more information.



False Morel Species:

Gyromitra korfii


Gyromitra sp. 

Verpa sp.